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Grants & Technology Veterans- In the technology arena, we can provide equipment and services to both large and small businesses; local, state and federal government offices; law enforcement agencies; emergency management and first responder agencies; hospitals, medical offices and related facilities; and educational institutions including K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

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Cerelink Incorporated is an information technology design studio. We use broadband and other advanced technologies to power innovative IT solutions that deliver economic value to our clients. Founded by former Intel New Mexico managers, Cerelink is headquartered inside an historic adobe building in Corrales, NM.

Cerelink’s approach is captured in three words: Think. Design. Create. Much like an architect, the Cerelink team listens to our clients describe their anticipated requirements in lay terms. Then we design a solution—drawing on the necessary expertise in and outside our studio. If the solution appeals to our client, we then collaborate to create a plan for design and implementation.

Design Team Approach

Cerelink’s design team process provides our clients extra value. We select and manage design team members whose expertise matches the client’s specific needs. Then we go to work. Listening to clients. Thinking about technology that can enlarge their opportunities. Creating a great return on their investment. Our design and implementation process provides clients with a “one stop” comprehensive approach, sparing them the need to manage several technology subcontractors working independently. Design team members that Cerelink works with are Intel, HP, Cisco, and Motorola, and other companies necessary to fulfill client needs.

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In 1999, the Tesuque Tribal Police, under
the direction of Chief Robert Frenier,
began planning for a Tribal Police Department that would become one of the most technologically advanced police Departments in New Mexico. To that end, Chief Frenier applied and received several federal and Tribal Resource Grants that would allow the departments to realize this dream.


Tesuque Tribal Police Department
“Officer safety is the most critical issue of police work,” says Chief Frenier. “I want my officers in the field to have the most up-to-date and real-time information available. When an officer approaches a vehicle or walks into any situation, he needs to know that he has been provided with as much information as is available. Too many officers have been injured or have lost their lives because information was not provided that could have made a difference. Since the information is available through the
Department of Public Safety and NCIC, I felt that we should have that same information available to our officers.”

In 2000, the Tesuque Tribal Police began building their offices. The design included security and technology that would require the most advanced resources available for the officers in the field. In 2002, with the offices complete, the Tribal
Police department contracted with a local company, IS Solutions, LLC (now, Grants & Technology Veterans ) to design, construct and implement the solutions required by the Tribal Police. GTV created a technology infrastructure that included IP Telephony phone systems, Servers connected to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and wireless Communications from patrol vehicles to DPS for rapid response on queries.

This Process Included:

  • Software (Access Data Sleuth) CAD and Records Management system
  • ITRONIX ruggedized Notebook computers mounted in the vehicles
  • Wireless connectivity (Verizon Air Cards) to DPS
  • Encryption technology (Radio IP®) for secure communications and CJIS Compliance
  • Two-Factor Authentication (ActivCard®) for officer security and CJIS Compliance
  • GlobalStar Satellite Communication for second mode of communications when outside the CDMA areas.

By January 2005, the implementation was complete and the Tesuque Tribal Police Department became the first police department in New Mexico to receive a compliance letter from DPS stating that they met all the requirements specified by the DPS and Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) 2004 regulations.

“Our officers and staff now have up-to-the-minute information regarding any criminal activity that passes through our jurisdiction. The vision of our Police Force and hard work and efforts of many, including GTV, made this dream our reality
and I’m very proud of their support and efforts,” says Frenier.

Grants & Technology Veterans has succeeded in implementing technologies that meet and exceed the current 2004 CJIS regulations for wireless communications. Through strategic partnerships, GTV has provide a one-stop shop for police and other public safety departments that encompasses all aspects of hardware, software and communications capabilities to allow them to obtain total compliance with DPS, CJIS and FBI mobile communications regulations.


The TraCS statewide rollout project is a multi-phase project providing law enforcement agencies throughout the state with the opportunity to use TraCS for electronically creating, printing, and transmitting traffic records data from law enforcement officers in their patrol cars to their local agency systems to a statewide repository. For the current equipment being used in the field, see the New Mexico TraCS equipment and configuration guidelines.

In Phase I, a TraCS statewide training and support organization (i.e. TraCS Project Office) will be established and implemented to train, equip and rollout approximately 450 officers with TraCS and New Mexico Law Enforcement Agency forms. The law enforcement agencies that make up Phase I include those that participated in the pilot project, those that are part of the enhanced DWI Law Enforcement program, and the Tesuque Tribal Police Department:

Albuquerque Police Department
Doña Ana Sheriff's Department
NM Department of Public Safety, Motor Transportation Division
NM Department of Public Safety, State Police
Rio Rancho Department of Public Safety
Santa Fe Police Department

Six Counties from the Enhanced DWI Law Enforcement program:
Bernalillo County
Doña Ana County
McKinley County
Rio Arriba County
San Juan County
Santa Fe County
Tesuque Tribal Police Department





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